How to check in
Our hotel is fully automated.
At the time of the booking confirmation you will receive an access code to enter the hotel hall where you will find a touch to check-in.
You will have to scan the identity document (if not already sent during the booking). The totem, after check-in, releases you a card that allows you to access the room, valid until the check out date.
Check in is available starting at 14:00 on the day of booking. .
Check In and Check Out
Check-in is completely automated so you can arrive at the hotel at the time that suits you best.
the rooms will be available from 2.00 pm on the day of arrival

Check out is by 10.30 on the day of departure .
How far is the hotel from the beach
Our hotel is located just 80 meters from the splendid beaches of the Tuscan coast .